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Delicious Italian Desserts to Try This Spring

Your love for pizza and pasta will take a backseat once you try the delicious desserts from Italy. This country is known for offering amazing dishes and their desserts are sweet additions to their wholesome menus.Italian DessertsAlthough traditional Italian desserts were created many years ago, they are still among the most popular pastries around the world. If you haven’t enjoyed them yet, these are treats you should try this spring while you welcome back the good weather in a patio or a park.

Get ready to have a sweet blast in your mouth with this list of Italian desserts.

• Tiramisu

Tiramisu offers you a perfect layering of expresso, rum-dipped ladyfingers and mascarpone cream cheese. The cream cheese is mixed with sweetened egg yolks and whipped cream to add more flavour to this appetizing and refreshing dessert.

• Panna Cotta

If you enjoy pudding, you will love the texture of panna cotta. This is a gelatine-based dessert made with sugar and cream. It is creamy, jiggly and melts in your mouth in every bite. Usually, it is garnished with caramel, seasonal fruits or chocolate sauce.

• Bombolone

Do you love doughnuts? Bombolone are similar to doughnuts but fluffier and filled with fresh whipped cream. A freshly baked bombolone is a must try!

• Cartellate

Cartellates are pinwheel shaped fritters dipped in wine syrup or honey. You can also garnish them with powdered sugar, dried fruits and nuts. Relish it with a cup of espresso.

• Torta Della Nonna

We all have had custard, but have you tried a custard tart? Torta Della Nonna is a unique tart that has a flavour similar to lemon and is topped with powdered sugar and pine nuts.

• Zabaione

Zabaione is a flawless mixture of sugar, Marsala wine and egg yolks. This custard dessert is often served with a biscotti.

• Torta Caprese

Sticky, nutty and tasty, torta caprese is the best option for those looking for gluten free options. This flourless chocolate cake made with loads of ground almonds will give you a chocolate blast. Add a scoop of gelato to enhance the flavours.

• Sfingi

If you’re fond of fried pastry, you will definitely love sfingi. This desert is light and crunchy and is topped with cinnamon powder and sugar. You can enjoy it whenever you crave something sweet and fried, but not too heavy.

• Semifreddo

Semifreddo is a cold dessert that has a layer of cookies or cake with mousse, whipped cream or gelato, and it is served with seasonal berries or nuts. You may want to choose this refreshing dessert to enjoy in the sunny days of spring
• Sfogliatella

This crunchy pastry is known for its texture and shell shape. It has a filling of ricotta mixture with orange zest that balances the taste of its crust.

• Cannoli

Cannoli offers tube-shaped fried dough filled with ricotta and cream. This famous treat is one of the most preferred sweet dishes of Italy.

• Iris
With every bite, you will enjoy the taste of the pastry cream in iris. This fried bun full of cream is topped with powdered sugar.

Are you all set to try these amazing desserts? Fill your soul with the flavours of Italy and celebrate the explosion of sweetness in your mouth.