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Types of Pizza from Around the World

Do you love eating pizza? If so, after reading this blog you will be tempted to try all the different pizzas made in various parts of the world.

Types of Pizza

Pizza is a delicious delicacy made of bread, oregano, tomato sauce and cheese, but, the preparation varies in different places. Wherever you travel, you can find a version of pizza that might be a delight to you.

If you have an innate love for pizza, it’s time you try the preparations we mention in this blog post. Read on!

• Margherita

Over a century old, Margherita is a special kind of pizza named after HM Queen Margherita, the first Queen of Italy and wife of King Umberto. Tomato toppings, mozzarella cheese and green basil leaves symbolize the red, green and white colours of the Italian flag. This pizza carries the legacy, being much more than a delectable dish to your taste buds.

• Lahma Bi Ajeen

Lahma Bi Ajeen means ‘meat with dough’. Originated in Lebanon, this dish is an appetizing version of a pizza. In fact, in other parts of the Middle East, a pizza is termed Lahma Bi Ajeen. It is made of ground lamb, chopped onions, yoghurt and cumin. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you relish this pizza!

• Stromboli

Stromboli pizza is one of a kind. Though many think that Stromboli and Calzone pizzas are identical, they aren’t. There are two theories regarding the invention of this pizza. One says it was created in 1950 by Nazzareno Romano in Essington, outside of Philadelphia, while the other says it was invented in 1954 by Mike Aquino in Spokane, Washington. This type of pizza isn’t made of simple bread. It consists of a sandwich format with a layer of meat, cheese, sauce and herbs.

• Calzone

Calzone means stocking and was originated in Italy. In a semicircle shape, a dough folded over is filled with pizza ingredients. It is indeed different than the rest of the pizzas you’ve ever had. Never miss out on this special one!

• Marinara

Found in almost all places, this is the basic pizza made of flatbread, oregano, tomato, garlic and olive oil. It is said that it was stored in old days by sailors in their voyages so that they eat when they are away from home.

• Neapolitan

Hailing from Naples, Neopolitan is a modern-day American pizza. This pizza was originally made with only flatbread and without cheese. Later it morphed into Margherita when Neapolitan Pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito was asked to make a pizza in the honour of Queen Margherita.

These are some of the scrumptious types of pizza that will melt in your mouth when you taste them. If you’re in Caledon East, you should definitely visit Rimssie’s and try amazing version of these pizzas.