A Guide to Pairing Cocktails with Pizzas

Cocktails with Pizza

Pizza and beer have had a long-standing relationship which very few are willing to upset. Some may try to incorporate a glass of wine with their meal, but only the daring and rare drinkers will choose to sip a cocktail along with their slice of pizza.

However, having a cocktail with your pizza isn’t something you should fear. All you need to do is make sure the flavours of your drink go well with the toppings on your pizza. In this post we, recommend some foolproof and popular pairings of cocktails and pizza toppings so you can enjoy a match made in heaven for your palette.

• Manhattan and Cheese

Most pizzerias are judged by the plain cheese pizza they make. Pairing a traditional slice of cheese pizza with a classic cocktail can’t go wrong, and plain cheese pizza deserves a pairing with an equally iconic beverage as a Manhattan. The bittersweet flavour of vermouth and whiskey wonderfully complement the saltiness of cheese and the acidic taste of tomato sauce, making this a perfect combination.

• Cuba Libre and Pepperoni

Among kids, pepperoni pizza and Coca-Cola has been one of the most popular choices. There’s no reason to go far from that as an adult. The sweetness of both the rum and the Coke play very nicely with the saltiness of the pepperoni. Also, the carbonation and lime juice help handle the greasiness really well.

• Negroni and Margherita

Margherita is thought to be the Italian pizza that started it all. This is why it absolutely must be paired with a classic Italian cocktail. They both feature very iconically yet simple three-ingredient pairings. Fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella pair majestically with a savoury Negroni on a warm night.

• Hot Screw and Jalapeno

A Hot Screw is a cocktail with an intense and spicy flavour which mixes really well with Vodka and fresh orange juice. The OJ provides a relief from the heat of jalapenos while adding in a bit of fruity refreshment. This particular pairing will have you experiencing a revitalizing and spicy tang going hand-in-hand.

• Daiquiri and Sausage and Peppers

A very meat-heavy pizza such as a sausage and pepper needs a tart cocktail that can help balance out the hearty flavours. A classic Daiquiri is an ideal cocktail which helps highlight the flavour of the peppers and also complements the powerful flavour of the sausages.

• Sherry Cobbler and Olives

The umami note of dry sherry fuses beautifully with the brininess of olives. This makes the Sherry Cobbler a very well balanced option for this topping. It’s best to opt for a Manzanilla or fino sherry as they’re especially briny by themselves. An amontillado tends to provide a more savoury and richer taste.

• Martini and Onions

The dry-gin base of a Martini is a natural fit for a pizza that incorporates onions in their toppings. A dirty martini can help play up the saltiness of the pizza. You can also choose to opt for an onion garnished Gibson as it makes for an even more precise cocktail.

We are all aware of the fact that a pizza is great even by itself. However, you can take pizza night up a notch with the correct pizza and cocktail pairing. There are plenty of combinations which can help you take your drink and pizza mix to a new level.

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