How to Order Craft Beer at a Bar without Embarrassing Yourself


For some, it can feel overwhelming to approach a fully-stocked bar and pick a craft beer. There are just so many options. Instead of picking at random (and likely getting something you don’t like), read on for some approaches to take when selecting from a beer selection you’re unfamiliar with.

  • Look in the right places

Look for a bar which is truly dedicated to craft beer. They don’t have to be stocked with the best IPA in the world. Most of the bars and restaurants which take their beer seriously will always have a good pale ale, pilsner or IPA.

  • Get educated about beer

In general, the key to finding the right beer is by being knowledgeable. There are so many varieties. Ales and lager are the two families. The pilsner comes within the lager style of beer, which is also one of the most popular types. Beer ranges from light and dark in both families, which is weaker to stronger respectively. Try a little bit of everything and do your research if you’re serious about finding the right beer for you.

  • Being open-minded helps

Never be discouraged, even if you can’t recognise any of the beers available on the list. It will take trying a few different varieties to figure out which kind or brand you prefer. Never order the same thing every time you go out just because you’re afraid of trying something new. Most bartenders will be happy to try to help you find something that you’ll like.

  • Try a taste

At some places, you can ask for a sample from the tap before placing the order. It’s completely fine to do so. Just be a little mindful of the bartender if it’s a busy day.

  • Don’t try to be too knowledgeable

Bartenders get annoyed when people pretend to know more than them about any kind of drink, including beer. We mustn’t forget that they do this for a living. Remember that they’re the experts.

  • Enquire about tap cleaning

No one should ever be forced to drink out of a dirty tap. There are some bartenders who aren’t as clean as you’d hope. They may leave the bar dirty, including the tap. It’s completely okay to inquire about tap cleaning frequency.

Everything is best in moderation, especially alcohol. Make sure you’ve set up a ride beforehand. Also, don’t forget to tip your waiter and bartender. Good luck!

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